(OPE-L) Claudio Katz

From: OPE-L Administrator (ope-admin@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 12 2003 - 14:49:57 EDT

CLAUDIO KATZ,  from Buenos Aires in Argentina, has joined
OPE-L.   Claudio is a Professor of Economics, Philosophy and
Sociology at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and is a
member of  the EDI (Economistas de Izquierda) -- an
organization that I'm sure  listmembers would be interested in
hearing about and I hope Claudio reports on.

Claudio has a very extensive homepage at:


To see his cv, click on "Perfil" (it is 10 pages long!).  The site,
which is mostly in Spanish, has sections on economics and
politics in Argentina, theory, and technology.  There are also
papers in English, French, German, and Portuguese.

His email address is: claudiok@arnet.com.ar

Claudio: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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