(OPE-L) An Interview with A Marxist

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sat Apr 12 2003 - 06:25:50 EDT

Here's my contribution to the "Marxian Economist Virus' thread 
begun yesterday:


Q:    When did you first become a Marxist?

A:    When I was studying economics in graduate school.

Q:    Were there Marxist professors in that department?

A:    Yes, several.  

Q:    Did faculty and other students know at the time that
        you were a Marxist?

A:    Yes, of course.

Q:    In what field of study did you receive your PhD in?

A:    Economics. 

Q:    How did you find out about your current job?

A:    I read about it in 'JOE' --  'Job Openings for Economists.'

Q:    What department in the University do you teach in and 
        what do you teach?

A:     I  teach in the Economics Department.  I teach classes
         in economics.

Q:     What is your academic rank and title?

A:     Professor of Economics.

Q:     Did you ever have any jobs in your field outside of the

A:     Yes, I once worked for the National Bureau of Economic 
         Research -- 'NBER' -- as an economist.  I also worked for
         the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the AFL-CIO.

Q:     What was your title at those jobs?

A:      Economist.

Q:      Does the administration and faculty at your university know
          that you are a Marxist?

A:      Of course.

Q:     Do you belong to any professional associations?

A:     Yes, of course.  I belong to the Conference of Socialist 
         Economists,  the Union for Radical Political Economists,
         the Heterodox Economists Society,  the Royal Economics
         Society and a number of other similar organizations.

Q:     Do you participate in any Internet mailing lists?

A:     I participate in 'FEMECON' -- a mailing list for feminist 
         economists,  'PEN-L' -- a mailing list for progressive economists
         and  'Capital-and-Class' -- a mailing list for members of the CSE,
         the Conference of Socialist Economists.

Q:     Have you attended any recent conferences?

A:     Yes, I  presented papers at the recent meetings of the Eastern 
         Economics Association -- 'EEA' -- and the American Economics
         Association -- 'AEA'.

Q:     Who goes to those conferences?

A:      Economists.

Q:     What kinds of journals have you published your writings in?

A:     Primarily economics journals.

Q:    Did you sign the recent statement by economists in favor of pluralism
        in the teaching of economics and hiring of economists? 

A:    Of course.

Q:    Do you enjoy being a Marxist Economist?

A:   *** I AM *NOT* A MARXIST 
   ECONOMIST!!!***  How *dare* you 
      *insult* me? This interview is over *now*!!!  
      (End of Interview.  the 'Marxist' gets out of the chair and slams the 
      door on the way out of the room.)

In solidarity, Jerry


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