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Note that Riccardo's joke (well, actually Brecht's joke)  is at the end
of the following message.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS to Riccardo:  I re-set your address to NoMail.

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Thanks, it's funny.

By the way, with the new server I receive OPE-L in at least two
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At 9:29 -0400 11-04-2003, gerald_a_levy wrote:
>"MARXIAN ECONOMIST VIRUS: Helps your computer shut down
>whenever it wants to."
>The following site has other irreverent "virus" jokes which poke fun at
> different types of economists:
>(To lighten-up the discussion a little) do you know of any good jokes,
> which have at least a kernel of truth in them, which concern 'Marxian',
> or other types of, economists?
>In solidarity, Jerry

Riccardo Bellofiore
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche
"Hyman P. Minsky"
UniversitÓ di Bergamo
Via dei Caniana 2
I-24127 Bergamo, Italy
direct   +39-035-2052545
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fax:   +39 035 2052549

Al signor K chiesero cosa stesse facendo.
Il signor K rispose: "Sto lavorando duro
per preparare il mio prossimo errore"

What are you working on, Herr K was asked.
Herr K replied: "I am working hard,
I am carefully preparing my next error"

Bertolt Brecht

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