[OPE-L:8720] Marx's Time and Our Own

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 12:01:42 EDT

Re: [OPE-L:8714] Re: a case against the war in IraqThe recent discussion over repression in the US reminded me 
of the following poem by HEINRICH HEINE  --  a 
contemporary and friend of Marx and Engels:



We, the senate and the Mayor,
After intensive thought and prayer
For all the various creeds and classes,
Enjoin these laws upon the masses;

'Beware of aliens, for they sow
Seeds of revolt where'er they go;
Rebellious souls and other vermin
Are scarcely ever (praise God) German.

'Obedience to their ruler's due
>From Christian and (much more) from Jew;
And Jew and Christian, every one,
Must close their shops when day is done.

'No one shall walk abroad at night
Unless accompanied by a light.
If three shall meet in any street
They shall disperse -- before they meet.

'Discard your weapons, bring them all
Hastily to the City Hall;
Retain no sort of ammunition 
Unless you long for quick perdition.

'Who holds another point of view,
He shall be shot without ado;
And arguments by gestures is
Even more dangerous than this.

'Honour your Mayor; it is he
Who guards the State and zealously
Decides what's best for old and young.
So listen well -- and hold your tongue.'


Sounds like it could have been written recently, doesn't it?

Marx and Engels (and Heine), of course, experienced repression 
in their time.  What, if anything, is different about the repression 
today?   What relationship was there between economic crisis and
political repression in Marx's time and our own?  

In solidarity, Jerry

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