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From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@buffalo.edu)
Date: Sun Apr 06 2003 - 09:51:13 EDT

"We Stand for Peace & Justice" at


The statement itself is below and is intentionally internationally
oriented for signatures who now are 57,000+ and include :

> And here are the initial signers who are, as well, collectively
> responsible for the future direction of the project: Ezequiel Adamovsky,
> Argentina, Vittorio Agnoletto, Italy, Christophe Aguiton, Italy, Michael
> Albert, USA, Tariq Ali, England, Bridget Anderson, England, Katherine
> Anger, England, Jessica Azulay, USA, David Bacon, USA, David Barsamian,
> USA, Phyllis Bennis, USA, Elena Blanco, Venezuela, Nadine Bloch, USA,
> Bill Blum, USA, Peter Bohmer, USA, Patrick Bond, South Africa, Jeremy
> Brecher, USA, Michael Bronski, USA, Dennis Brutis, South Africa, Paul
> Buhle, USA, Nicola Bullard, Thailand, Scott Burchill, Australia, Leslie
> Cagan, USA, Alex Callinicos, England, Daniel Chavez, Netherlands, Noam
> Chomsky, USA, Tim Costello, USA, David Cromwell, England, Will Doherty,
> USA, Brian Dominick, USA, David Edwards, England, Barbara Epstein, USA,
> Bill Fletcher, USA, Eduardo Galeano, Uruguay, Susan George, France, Ted
> Glick, USA, Gie Goris, Belgium, Andrej Grubacic, Serbia, Marta
> Harnecker, Chile, Betsy Hartman, USA, Tom Hayden, USA, Evan
> Henshaw-Plath, USA, Doug Henwood, USA, John Hepburn, Australia, Edward
> Herman, USA, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Pakistan, Sut Jhally, USA, Robert Jensen,
> USA, Boris Kagarlitsky, Russia, Jerry Kloby, USA, Sonali Kolhatkar, USA,
> Saul Landau, USA, Joanne Landy, USA, Rahul Mahajan, USA, Dawn Martinez,
> USA, Elizabeth, Martinez, USA, Antonio Martins, Brazil, Rania Masri,
> USA, Bob McChesney, USA, George Monbiot, England, Hector Mondragon,
> Colombia, Suren Moodliar, South Africa, Jonathan Neale, England, Adele
> Oliveri, Italy, Pablo Ortellado, Brazil, Cynthia Peters, USA, Justin
> Podur, Canada, Vijay Prashad, USA, Prabir Purkayastha, India, Milan Rai,
> England, Nikos Raptis, Greece, Michael Ratner, USA, Judy Rebick, Canada,
> Tanya Reinhart, Israel, Carola Reintjes, Spain, Arundhati Roy, India,
> Marta Russell, USA, Manuel Rozental, Colombia, Lydia Sargent, USA,
> Stephen Shalom, USA, Norman Solomon, USA, Roberto Savio, Italy, James
> Tracy, USA, America Vera-Zavala, Sweden, Hilary Wainwright, England,
> Peter Waterman, Holland, Robert Weissman, USA, Tom Wetzel, USA, Tim
> Wise, USA, Howard Zinn, USA,

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"I stand for peace and justice. 

I stand for democracy and autonomy. I donít think the U.S. or any other country should ignore the popular will and violate and weaken international law, seeking to bully and bribe votes in the Security Council. 

I stand for internationalism. I oppose any nation spreading an ever expanding network of military bases around the world and producing an arsenal unparalleled in the world. 

I stand for equity. I donít think the U.S. or any other country should seek empire. I donít think the U.S. ought to control Middle Eastern oil on behalf of U.S. corporations and as a wedge to gain political control over other countries. 

I stand for freedom. I oppose brutal regimes in Iraq and elsewhere but I also oppose the new doctrine of "preventive war," which guarantees permanent and very dangerous conflict, and is the reason why the U.S. is now regarded as the major threat to peace in much of the world. I stand for a democratic foreign policy that supports popular opposition to imperialism, dictatorship, and political fundamentalism in all its forms. 

I stand for solidarity. I stand for and with all the poor and the excluded. Despite massive disinformation millions oppose unjust, illegal, immoral war, and I want to add my voice to theirs. I stand with moral leaders all over the world, with world labor, and with the huge majority of the populations of countries throughout the world. 

I stand for diversity. I stand for an end to racism directed against immigrants and people of color. I stand for an end to repression at home and abroad. 

I stand for peace. I stand against this war and against the conditions, mentalities, and institutions that breed and nurture war and injustice. 

I stand for sustainability. I stand against the destruction of forests, soil, water, environmental resources, and biodiversity on which all life depends. 

I stand for justice. I stand against economic, political, and cultural institutions that promote a rat race mentality, huge economic and power inequalities, corporate domination even unto sweatshop and slave labor, racism, and gender and sexual hierarchies. 

I stand for a policy that redirects the money used for war and military spending to provide healthcare, education, housing, and jobs. 

I stand for a world whose political, economic, and social institutions foster solidarity, promote equity, maximize participation, celebrate diversity, and encourage full democracy. 

I stand for peace and justice and, more, I pledge to work for peace and justice."

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