[OPE-L:8664] The Pentagon's New Map of the World

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 09:55:45 EST

A new map of the world -- courtesy of  
Thomas P.M Barnett, a professor of warfare analysis who 
has been advising the Office of the US Secretary of Defense and 
who "has been giving this briefing continually at the Pentagon and 
in the intelligence community":

"The new security paradigm that shapes this age", Barnett
claims, is "*Disconnectedness defines danger*".   From the 
perspective of that paradigm,  Saddam Hussein's regime is 
dangerous because it is "dangerously disconnected from the
globalizing world,  from its rule sets,  its norms,  and all the
ties that bind countries together in mutually assured 
dependence." [!]    

Those parts of the world which stand outside of the "Core"  -- 
and  therefore haven't become part of the globalization process 
-- are the "Non-Integrating Gap" and form  globalization's "ozone 
hole."  [!]    While, according to Barnett,   more and more of the 
world will become part of the "Core" and thereby the process of 
globalization, "it is always possible to fall off  this bandwagon 
called globalization.  And when you do,  bloodshed will follow." [!]

See maps for the new picture of the world (can be downloaded in 
pdf format) and listings at end of  article of countries in the "ozone hole."

In solidarity, Jerry

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