[OPE-L:8645] Re: Re: Re: Re: long term centers of gravity?

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@stanford.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 17:31:01 EST

>I don't know if the ruling class has split; I just noted the potential for
>a split.  I hope that it comes to pass.

But Michael I don't see why Lind or anyone else accepts at face value 
Bush's self-representation as a good ole, Southern boy who represents 
the (very) old economy and truly likes pork rinds. This is the image 
which Bush and Karl Rove have attempted to project to maintain his 
electoral base in the South and the Far West. To think that Bush is 
running Dell and Boeing into the ground for cattle ranches and Texas 
oil patches is farcical.
Michael Lind is now only now making a political theory out of Bush's 
cynical image making and thus giving credence to one of Bush's key 
electoral weapons. Why the alarm bells do not go off every time Lind 
writes or says something is beyond me. He has already engaged in 
immigrant bashing and a pernicious nativism, Listian neo mercantilism 
and a virulent and anti-third world economic nationalism, and war 
mongering (in the case of Vietnam).
So I don't see why you and the Nation magazine take this demagogue seriously.

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