[OPE-L:8608] Re: Bernard Mommer and rent

From: rakeshb@stanford.edu
Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 20:08:04 EST

More Mommer on Venezuela: 


The underlying "dependency" framework here seems similar to 
Chibuzo Nwoke's  Third World Minerals and Global Pricing (1987).
I cited this book in our discussion 11/2 years ago.  Both Mommer 
and Nwoke do not seem to have a theory of price proper, and may 
at times suggest that it is more politically manipulable than it in 
fact is--nostaglia for the NIEO? 

Third world minerals and global pricing: A new theory, Nwoke, 
Chibuzo, London and Atlantic Highlands, N.J.: Zed Books; 
distributed by Humanities Press, Atlantic Highlands, N.J., 1987, 
pages x, 229. 

Examines the distribution of wealth inherent in the third world's 
mineral resources. Theoretically and analytically explores the 
issue of conflicting relations between foreign mining firms and 
third world governments. Develops the Marxist theory of ground 
rent to argue that the current mineral crisis lies in the contest 
between Western mining companies and the third world over 
which can appropriate more "rent" from international mining. 
Contends that the third world can only maximize its producer 
power if it is able to realize the full surplus profit available. 
Examines rent theory and the distribution of wealth from 
contemporary world mining, and the struggle over surplus profits. 
Reviews the limited prospects of third world producers' 
associations. Discusses the world copper industry, focusing on 
producer associations and differential rents. Nwoke is a research 
fellow with the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. 
Bibliography; index. 

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