[OPE-L:8588] RE: Re: RE: France fried by U.S. Congress

From: mongiovg (mongiovg@stjohns.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 14:02:18 EST

Pardon me for not appending the obligatory condemnation of western hypocrisy 
and bougeois values. I foolishly assumed that those caveats would not have to 
be rehearsed to members of this list; hence my "One need not romanticize the 
Atlantic alliance or its members ...."

My point was that what's happening now isn't just your standard-issue hardball 
diplomacy, which is of course one of the ways that western hypocrisy plays 
itself out. The Bush message is "Cross us and we're gonna fuck you up, and we 
don't even have to pay lip service to democracy, freedom, decades of good 
diplomatic relations, warm ties of friendhip between countless members of our 
populations, our shared cultural heritage and our mutually beneficial economic 
ties; who gives a shit about any of that stuff? Why don't we give a shit? 
Because we don't have to, that's why." That implicit message strikes me as a 
dangerous departure from precedent.

The fact that what was in place prior to the Bush offensive left much to be 
desired doesn't negate my suggestion that what is happening now is extremely 
dangerous for global security and prosperity. Nor does it deny the necessity 
of exploring " the material motives for these bourgeois countries' behaviors" 
as Paul rightly notes. Nothing I wrote implies anything different.


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>On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, mongiovg wrote:
>> This is mind-boggling, and, for me, as disturbing as any recent
>> development connected with the Iraq situation. One need not be a
>> romantic about the Atlantic alliance, or its members, to think that
>> the Bush government's attempt to demonize France & Germany to the
>> American public is reckless and dangerous.  These countries share a
>> commitment to values that are indispensable to global peace and
>> prosperity: democracy, human and civil rights, free speech, rule of
>> law--the whole Enlightenment thing.
>Wow, this idealization of the French and German governments is
>unbelievable (and romantic).  Of course, the 'freedom' fries is also
>unbelievable, but let's get just a shade critical and consider material
>motives for these bourgeois countries' behaviors.  Paul
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