[OPE-L:8584] RE: France fried by U.S. Congress

From: Mongiovi Gary (mongiovg@stjohns.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 11:08:44 EST

This is mind-boggling, and, for me, as disturbing as any recent
development connected with the Iraq situation. One need not be a
romantic about the Atlantic alliance, or its members, to think that the
Bush government's attempt to demonize France & Germany to the American
public is reckless and dangerous. These countries share a commitment to
values that are indispensable to global peace and prosperity: democracy,
human and civil rights, free speech, rule of law--the whole
Enlightenment thing.  

For the most senior members of a western democracy to PROMOTE domestic
hostility towards such close allies (the French are ungrateful cowards,
the Germans are unreliable friend) because, in pursuit of their own
interests, they refuse to take direction from US officials, is
irresponsible in the extreme. I would never have thought any western
government capable of diplomatic spite of this magnitude and
foolishness. The Bushites are prepared to discard long-standing
international friendships that have widely been presumed essential to
western security and well-being. These friendships are grounded in large
part on shared values, and the reason for discarding them is that our
friends refused to bend over and take it up the ass from us. 

I am hard-pressed to think of comparable instances of willfully
destructive behavior of this magnitude at such high levels of
government. In the last six weeks or so I have truly come to understand
the expression: "The inmates are running the asylum." I fear for the
future of civilization.


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A sign of the times:  the cafeterias in US House of Representative
office buildings will no longer serve "French fries."  They are
now listed on the menu as "Freedom fries"!   

Full story:  "Do You Want 'Freedom Fries' With That?"

Although it sounds comical and petty,  this latest story is part
of a wider rift among the imperialist nations over Iraq.  It does
not take much imagination to see how this increased rivalry 
between the US and France (and Germany and Russia, etc.) 
could quickly escalate and spin out-of-control.  Also very 
disturbing is the demonization of the French in the US -- now
they are portrayed in the media and by the government as 
"enemies of freedom."   This is a prelude to ... what?

In solidarity, Jerry

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