[OPE-L:8581] Re: long term centers of gravity?

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 12:06:38 EST

Re Rakesh's [8577]:

> As far as I can tell, neither Fred nor Gary has cited evidence from 
> Marx against the TSS breaking of the input=output price 
> assumption (Ernst, Carchedi, Freeman, Kliman).  

Fred is on sabbatical so it may be a while before he answers.  As
for your assertion above,  don't you remember  the posts by Fred
on OPE-L  where he cited textual evidence from Marx's writings
about what can cause a change in prices of production?  In that
discussion,  Fred cited evidence from Marx contra the  
Kliman-McGlone treatment of PoP in their transformation article.
Don't you remember what came to be called the "smoking gun 
quotation" cited by Fred from Volume 3 about there being "only 
two reasons" for a change of PoP (see 4908 from February, 2001)?

Fred's paper on "long-run center-of-gravity prices" (subtitle), it should 
be recalled, is titled "Marx's Concept of Prices of Production"
( http://www.mtholyoke.edu/~fmoseley/lrcgpric.html ).  It does not
address the question of whether input prices do or do not 
equal output prices outside of *that* context in Marx (e.g. it does not
examine the issue of  whether input prices are assumed to equal output
prices at the level of concretion of  the proposed "special study on 
competition" or at the level of concretion of  "world market and crises").
or the "real world of capitalist dynamics".  Yet,  within the context
of examining Marx's concept of PoP and whether input prices are
assumed to equal output prices in that context, I think Fred does 
indeed present much textual evidence in support of his interpretation.

But, I'm not going to speak further for Fred.  If he has the time and
inclination, he can speak for himself.  And, of course, the same goes
for Gary.

In solidarity, Jerry

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