[OPE-L:8572] Re: probabilistic approaches to the theory of value and philosophy

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 09:43:39 EST

Re Phil's [8570]:

> I will have a look at the exchanges on OPE-L on this. I haven't read any
> of  the work of Webber and Rigby.

Although  Michael J. Webber and  David L. Rigby collaborated on a number
of articles, the source I  was referring to was _The Golden Age Illusion:
Rethinking Postwar Capitalism_ (NY, The Guilford Press, 1996,
ISBN 0-89862-573-4).   Both authors teach geography.   The reason I
asked you about this is because it is  one of the more ambitious theoretical
and empirical efforts by authors who were strongly influenced by Machover &
Farjoun's _Laws of Chaos_.   Of course, there are others as well (including
OPE-Lers Paul C and Allin) whose  empirical work was strongly influenced by
M&F.   _The Golden Age Illusion_  has been mentioned a number of times on
OPE-L  (once, I recall, in connection with a discussion about the empirical
estimation of turnover time) but there has been no real attempt here by
anyone  that I recall)  to subject this work to critique. This is somewhat
surprising for  three reasons:

(1)  The early part of the book contains a critique of other perspectives
-- including many of those advanced by listmembers;

(2) this is a massive and major intellectual effort -- it is over 550 pages
long  and  contains cross-national empirical data on the rate of profit and
technical change;

(3) the empirical work covers ground that was also analyzed separately and
differently by a number of other listmembers.

So I think  there are a lot of reasons to really read and discuss this
book --  but a thread hasn't really caught on yet.   Perhaps even more
surprising is that  we haven't -- that I can recall -- ever really attempted
to evaluate and critique probabilistic approaches to value theory and
_Laws of Chaos_.

Has anyone on the list written a review of _The Golden Age Illusion_?

Solidarity, Jerry

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