[OPE-L:8569] Re: probabilistic approaches to the theory of value and philosophy

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 09:45:56 EST

Re Phil's [8566]:

> I now think that the magnitude of a commodity's intrinsic value 
> is an accidental property of the commodity.  

In what sense or senses do you mean that the magnitude of value
is an "accidental" property of a commodity?

> The link with probability is in terms of Aristotle's notion of a power 
> (dynamis) and its activity (energeia) and the result or realisation or 
> recognition (entelecheia) of this activity.  Briefly, the value creating 
> activity of labour-power is recognized/measured both in the labour 
> market as money wages and in the product market via prices.  

Interesting.  I think that value-form theorists and temporalists (as well
as some others, e.g. Riccardo and Fred) would agree with that last 
sentence.  Dualists and simultaneists might disagree,  I believe.

> These two measurements are related probabilistically.

Which is interesting because not all of those who have been influenced
by Farjoun and Machover would agree about when and how the
value-creating activity of labour-power is recognized and measured.
I guess theorists from a number of perspectives have used F&M as
a springboard for further research.  What do you think about the work
of Webber and Rigby -- two others who were strongly influenced by

Solidarity, Jerry

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