[OPE-L:8565] Venezuela: the way forward?

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 09:46:50 EST

Re Mike L's [8565]:

> (I am writing from an unfamiliar keyboard in Miraflores, presidential
> palace in Caracas, so excuse the typos.) (snip, JL)
>  I arrived in Caracas on Thursday and since
> then there have been 3 bombings (one in Caracas) and an attack on
> Miraflores from a car which somehow breached security and left a
> bystander dead but the  perps got away. Pretty difficult to get in
> Miraflores now (I am here as  companero of Marta Harnecker, who
> is working with Chavez and the government) as a result, and there is a
> major antigovernment demonstration today, touted
> continuously on all the TV channels (which are incredible) except the govt
> channel. Let me pass on something confirmed just this week for certain:
> there is a call for a meeting of international solidarity with the
> Venezuelan process scheduled for the anniversary of the coup, I think it
> is  the 11th to the 13th but will confirm this; it is anticipated that the
> opposition is planning a manifestation on the 11th, and the idea is that
> international forces would be here at the time.

Mike -- please keep us posted about developments in Venezuela.
Maybe you could also pass along to us statements by Marta and others?

The general situation there seems to me to correspond to what Trotsky
in the book _1905_ called "dual power".   This means, in very general terms,
that the masses must be mobilized and the revolution must go forward
or it will be crushed.  I'm not convinced that the Chavez government is
committed to doing what is necessary to move the process forward.
What do you and other listmembers think?   What can be done -- both
in Venezuela and internationally -- to prevent a right-wing (and bloody)

Solidarity, Jerry

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