[OPE-L:8564] Re: back in time (and the present)

From: mlebowit@sfu.ca
Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 14:58:22 EST

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Hi comrades,
  Let me compound Jerrys error. (I am writing from an unfamiliar keyboard in
Miraflores, presidential palace in Caracas, so excuse the typos.) I knew
Allen Farrell at Lasqueti. He did give everything away (including his
magnificant sailing boat, the China Cloud) when he went to Mexico. He hated
living on land, though, and returned to live on his boat (given back by the
recipient) in the bay at Lasqueti (and could still be seen occasionally
climbing his mast without clothes) until he died. There was a memorial for
him last year on his birthday, for which children built small boats and
launched them with candles at dusk; his incredible paintings (all given away
once completed) were assembled, too. Definitely a memrorable person,,, and a
socialist till death.
  So much for compounding errors. I arrived in Caracas on Thursday and since
then there have been 3 bombings (one in Caracas) and an attack on Miraflores
from a car which somehow breached security and left a bystander dead but the
perps got away. Pretty difficult to get in Miraflores now (I am here as
companero of Marta Harnecker, who is working with Chavez and the government)
as a result, and there is a major antigovernment demonstration today, touted
continuously on all the TV channels (which are incredible) except the govt
channel. Let me pass on something confirmed just this week for certain:
there is a call for a meeting of international solidarity with the
Venezuelan process scheduled for the anniversary of the coup, I think it is
the 11th to the 13th but will confirm this; it is anticipated that the
opposition is planning a manifestation on the 11th, and the idea is that
international forces would be here at the time. So, for those of you unable
to get to the May conference on Marx in Havana, maybe a trip to peaceful
Caracas in April would work.
    in solidarity,

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003 23:22:18 -0500 ope-l@galaxy.csuchico.edu wrote:
> Hi MIke:
> Just finished a book that made me think of you:  _Sailing=20
> Back in Time_ by Maria Coffey and Dag Goering.	Sub-
> titled "A Nostalgic Voyage on Canada's West Coast", it
> is about a cruise in company of two wooden engine-less
> sailboats.  Both were junk-rigged.  The larger boat was a
> 3-masted junk sailed by a very unusual (and now deceased)
> couple:  Allen and Sharie Farrell.  Allen was a Wobblie and
> a socialist.	I bet you met them since they spent a lot of
> time sailing near Lasqueti Island.  Still sailing in their mid-
> 80's, they gave away their boat and possessions and went=20
> to live by the beach in Mexico.  Allen, in particular, didn't
> like to look back but rather forward to new adventures and=20
> challenges.  I hope there are many more adventures for you
> in Cuba and elsewhere and that you're still having a great
> time.
> Warm regards, Jerry

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