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Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 04:17:03 EST

PHIL DUNN has joined OPE-L.   Many members of the list know
Phil from his presentations on value theory at the Eastern Economics
Association.  He lives in London and has been an avid reader of the
OPE-L archives.

In the following, he introduces himself:


I live in London and work as a computer programmer.  I was trained as a
physicist but lost interest many years ago.  In the mid eighties I
happened to read Farjoun and Machover's book 'Laws of Chaos'.  I have
been hooked on the probabilistic approach to the theory of value and
exploitation ever since.  Another early influence was Scot Meikle's
Marxism.  Studying Aristotle took up the late 80s and early 90s.  I
spent the latter part of the 90s pleasantly marooned in the second
millennium BCE courtesy of Martin Bernal.

Though the Internet I belatedly discovered that things had been going on
in Marxian political economy -- the 'New Approach' and Non-dualism,
particularly but also the value-form strand.  I came across the IWGVT
and started submitting papers to the EEA conference.  These are on my
website www.pscumnud.dircon.co.uk.  Only the latest paper engages with
the 'recent' developments.

My research interests are extremely narrow: core value theory, joint
production problems and, as offshoots, the productive/unproductive
labour distinction and two department models.  My current
projects are entitled 'Intrinsic Value and Natural Price' , which
distinguishes these notions but does not see them as incompatible
(natural price is a price immune from market fluctuation; price of
production is one possibility but I am looking for another), and 'Pure
Joint Products: A Fresh Start' , which develops a non-Sraffian treatment
of the issue of positivity.

Phil's email address:  pscumnud@dircon.co.uk

Phil:   Welcome aboard!

Solidarity, Jerry

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