[OPE-L:8521] Re: Re: Rosa Luxemburg's *Accumulation of Capital* is now reprinted

From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@buffalo.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 16:10:53 EST

One new paragraph is not going to change anybody'd opinion of Red Rosa; it
is consistent with other parts.  But I had an experience finding a major
typo in Bukharin's critique of her which led to something very misleading.

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On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, gerald_a_levy wrote:

> Re Paul Z's [8519]:
> Paul:   the publication of the new translation is certainly good news.
> Clearly, the additional paragraph is -- as you say -- "non-trivial".
> Yet, how significant is it for the interpretation of the work.  Didn't
> Luxemburg write basically the same thing in other places in _The
> Accumulation of Capital_?
> In solidarity, Jerry
> > Please note that the middle paragraph on p. 339 was NOT in the 1951
> > English translation.  Alejandro Ramos translated it from the German
> > original for my own work in Volume 18 of the *Research* and I passed it
> > along to the editor of this new edition.  For those specializing in such
> > matters, the additional paragraph is non-trivial. (snip, JL)
> > [The English translation is as follows:]
> >      "It must be noted that, when we assumed above that only the
> > surplus product of the first or the second department is realized in a
> > non?capitalist milieu, we were taking the most favorable case for
> > examining Marx's schemes, a case which shows the conditions of
> > reproduction in its purity.  In reality, nothing forces us to assume that
> > there is not a fraction of the constant and variable capital which is also
> > realized out of the capitalist realm. Accordingly, the expansion of
> > production as well as the replacement in kind of the materials consumed in
> > production may be undertaken by means of products from the non?capitalist
> > sphere.  What should be clear from the above?mentioned examples is the
> > fact that, at least, it is impossible that the capitalized surplus value
> > and the corresponding part of the capitalist output can be realized within
> > the capitalist realm; this part must be sold out of the capitalist sphere,
> > in social strata and forms which do not produce in capitalist way."
> > [translated by Alejandro Ramos-Martinez]

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