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From: "Cyrus Bina" <binac@mrs.umn.edu>
Date: Tue, February 25, 2003 6:50 pm

Dear Rakesh,

I am glad that you were able to see Brenner, Mertes, and Anderson. Among
these wonderful people, in my opinion, only Brenner is on the right
track (on the question of oil).  However, speaking of domestic elections
belongs entirely to a different level of analysis.  As you have
indicated in your OPE-L piece, most democrats do not seem to have any
disagreement on this matter with Bush. Therefore, in my opinion,
question of stealing the show, so to speak, from the rival party is not
the case here.  From the standpoint of this "small bunch" that run the
Bush Administration, the world is devoid of another "superpower;" "we
are the only superpower;" and 9-11 is the best thing that has ever
happened to America.  They think in terms of military wherewithal and
the historical "authority" of America (read Pax Americana). Finally,
they instinctually feel that in the fast-paced world besieged by
universal uncertainty, the time is not on their side.  Therefore, Colin
Powell, clumsily mimicking the posture of a transnational CEO, speaks of
time as it his money is running out.  Another point is that one should
not separate US military from the rest of these bunch at the level that
is worthy of analysis.  At this point, in my opinion, we still need to
build enough categories and level of analyses that will enable us to
MEDIATE between the highest level of "abstract" and the lowest level of
"concrete." Also, we need not label this as politically or economically
driven.  I would argue both elements are present in all this.  On your
other question, I haven't seen the book by Mommer yet.



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