[OPE-L:8475] Re: Re: Re: Socialism and War

From: Francisco Paulo Cipolla (cipolla@sociais.ufpr.br)
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 08:47:22 EST

Here in Curitiba we also held a demo with about a thousand people. It started at
as a march at the Federal University and then converged to the traditional spot
for rallies which is here known as Boca Maldit. An animated mixture of different
church representatives as well as radical political parties were present. For
Curitiba, an usually difficult place to get people mobilized, it was fairly
good, even though the working masses were not there!

Alejandro Valle Baeza wrote:

> In Mexico City there were an important manifestation against the US war. AFP
> said 15000 manifestants and there were 50000-100000 in my view. The
> manifestation was emotional and with a lot of humor. By example a Mexican
> actress, Jesusa Rodriguez, made people laugh because she proposed that
> instead of using "America" as  US country name (an apropiation of
> Continente´s name) it would be named "Asustado Unidos de Norteamérica" a
> word game because in Spanish "Estados" sounds like "Asustados" (scareaded).
> Solidariamente
> Alejandro Valle Baeza

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