[OPE-L:8471] Re: Socialism and War

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 18:07:59 EST

Paul C and Paul B: thanks for the reports on the anti-war
demonstrations in Glasgow and London respectively.

In New York City there was a  *huge* demonstration
on First Avenue on the East side not far from the United
Nations building.   A march had been banned and there
was only a permit for a rally.  The City put up (quite literally)
other roadblocks to the demonstration as well and this
caused groups to rally at many other nearby locations from
14th Street to well above 59th Street.  The radio reported that
demonstrators filled 20 blocks. It was very difficult indeed to join the
main body of demonstrators as there were police barricades that
prevented people from getting within an avenue of the main site.
Buses with demonstrators were told that they wouldn't be allowed
into Manhattan.  Even subway stops nearest to the demonstration
were closed down.

Despite this, I would estimate that there were *at least* a half million
demonstrators.  Someone from the stage estimated the crowd at
2 million. The demonstrators who shivered in the freezing weather
were of all ages.  Some traveled a great distance -- I talked to some
who traveled from Northern Michigan. I  arrived early with the intention
of  joining the trade union contingent that was supposed to meet at 59th
Street but couldn't find them and instead marched with a 15-year-old
squatter friend of mine (who I've known since she was 8) and four
of her high school friends.  I'm sure that there were hundreds of people
I knew at the demo but she is the only one I actually saw -- a good but
subjective indication of the size of the demo.   An inspiring and
encouraging event -- made so not by the speeches but by the sheer 
mass of humanity and energy.

Solidarity, Jerry

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