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> Jim Devine (jdevine@popmail.lmu.edu)
> >Now, if we assume a different theory of money, like that found in
> >CAPITAL or in THE GENERAL THEORY, Ricardo's outcome will be
> >completely different. As gold flows out of England, bank reserves
> >decline, interest rate increase, investment declines and output
> >declines. England experiences a chronical trade account deficit. 

Why should this lead to a chronic trade deficit.
A decline in output of domestic industry will lead to
a decline in demand for imported raw materials which
will tend to reduce the trade deficit.

> >Portugal on the other hand receives gold, which makes bank reserves
> >increase, lowering interest rates, increasing investment and output. 
> >Portugal experiences a chronical trade account surplus and a capital
> >account deficit as capital flows into England attracted by the higher
> >interest rate. 

This is confused. On the one level a deficit on the current
account is necessarily reflected on the capital account, but
that is all this is saying. One can not deduce from this that
the deficit will be persistent in the absence of other
factors holding the interest rate up in the long term.

> England, ironically, becomes the chronically indebted
> >country and Portugal the chronically creditor country. 
> >A different theory of money therefore destroys the happy ending of
> >Ricardo's model, and absolute rather than comparative advantage
> >determines the direction of trade benefits.

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