[OPE-L:8450] Re: "an oil CURRENCY war"

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 09:27:54 EST

Re [8448]:

Hi Hans. Thanks for your reply.
A series of documents have shown that key players in the
Bush administration, including Cheney and Rumsfeld, had
agreed upon a plan to invade Iraq before Bush even took office.
Wasn't this _before_ Iraq switched to the Euro for oil?

Solidarity, Jerry

> But punishing Iraq
> for switching to the Euro, and at the same time grabbing so
> much oil under their own control that they can make OPEC
> powerless and can prevent other OPEC nations from switching
> to the Euro, is a war goal which suddenly makes the war on
> Iraq a thoroughly rational thing to do for the US
> ruling class.  If they do not follow through, they may lose
> the dollar hegemony in a matter of five years, especially
> after all the political resentment against the US that Bush
> has set in motion.  This can be catastrophic for the US
> economy.  Not only is the US economy addicted to oil, they
> can also no longer survive without the privilege of being
> able to print dollars and buy everything in the world with
> their paper dollar.  

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