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Subject: Speaker Wanted

I am teaching a course on Marx's _Capital_, Vols. II and III at
the Brecht Forum in New York City.  Although most of the sessions
are strictly on the texts, a couple will be devoted to "Critiques
and Defenses of Marx."  To make things fair, balanced, evenhanded, I am
interested in conducting such sessions as debates.  The
questions to be debated are:

(1)  Marx's account of the transformation of values into
production prices has been proven to be internally inconsistent or in

(2)  It has been proven that, contrary to what Marx's theory
states, the effect of technological progress cannot be to lower
the general rate of profit.

I am looking for someone willing to argue *in favor* of one or
both of these propositions.  I will be arguing against them.  The
first topic will be discussed on March 20.  The tentative date for the
second is April 17.  The class runs 2 hours (5:30-7:30 p.m.).
Each side will have equal time, and I am flexible about other
conditions.  I can also pay reasonable travel expenses to New

Please write to me if you're interested in taking the opposing
side in the debate.  If you know someone else who you think may be
willing to take the opposing side in the debate, please ask them
to write to me.


Andrew Kliman

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