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                              MIA Newsletter 1/27/03

1. 2003 edition of the MIA CD-ROMs ready to ship tomorrow! (snip, JL)


 * The Marxists Internet Archive is proud to announce the publication of the
 Marxists CD 2003. With thousands more documents added since last year's
 edition, the CD is now THREE discs large. Here are just some of the
 accomplishments of the MIA that have been included on the Marxists CD 2003:

   *We've added several new language archives and to existing non-English
   *Entire volumes of Lenin's Collected Works
   *Hundreds of new works by Marx and Engles and their contemporaries:
Bernstein, Kautsky and others
   *A major revamp and expansion of the Encylopedia of Marxism
   *New subject sections on Science, Ethics, and more
   *...and thousands of more pages of text of the classics of Marxism!

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