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Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 10:51:04 EST

Re: [8372]:
More information, from Jane Knodell, on the Joan
Robinson conference. / Solidarity, Jerry

The Joan Robinson Centennial Conference, honoring the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Joan Robinson, will be held in Burlington, Vermont the weekend of Oct. 17-19.  The conference is being sponsored by the Department of Economics at the University of Vermont, a heterodox department with a number of faculty trained in alternative approaches to economics.  

 The conference assembles leading economists from England, Italy, Australia, and the U.S. to present new work which reflects on Robinson's contributions to economic knowledge and her on-going influence on new research in the fields of growth theory, money and macro policy, and industrial organization.  Confirmed contributors at this time are Geoff Harcourt, Luigi Pasinetti, Cristina Marcuzzo, Claudio Sardoni, Tom Michl, Ed Nell, Steve Marglin, Don Harris, Amit Bhaduri, Nina Shapiro, Louis-Philippe Rochon and Matias Vernengo, Robert Blecker, and Peter Skott.  

 The conference will start Friday, Oct. 17 with an opening banquet and keynote speaker, and sessions will run all day Saturday Oct. 18 and the morning of Oct 19.  There will be a single track of sessions.  Expected attendance is 50-75, making for an intimate, interactive conference. 

 To receive registration materials (forthcoming in March), email Jane.Knodell@uvm.edu. 

Jane Knodell
Associate Professor and Chair, 
Department of Economics
University of Vermont
P.O. Box 54160
Burlington, VT  05405-4160
phone (802) 656-0189
fax (802) 656-8405

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