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In response to clyder@gn.apc.org [8340]:

> The crucial factor was not the steam engine, since water power was
> what drove the early textile factories, it was the invention of
> automatic, or in English self-acting, machinery of which the Mule was
> the most important example. The key factor here is that the sequencing
> of actions moves from the nervous system of the worker to the machine
> itself.

And one other thing on this -- the mule can only be considered an
extension of the nervous system in the most basic sense; it's basically
replicating the manual dexterity of the worker in the course of doing
rote repetitive tasks. The real extension of the nervous system wasn;t
possible until the application of electricity to production; and even
that could be considered rudimentary next to microprocessors, electronic
sensors, digitalization and networks where the role of the worker as
overseer, monitor, decision-maker etc. could be replaced.


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