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The Commoner N. 6, Winter 2003


What alternatives?

Commons and Communities, dignity and freedom!

  a.. Massimo De Angelis. Reflections on Alternatives, Commons and
Communities  a.. Olivier De Marcellus. Commons, Communities and
Movements: Inside, Outside and Against Capital  a.. Peter Waterman.
All in Common. A New/Old Slogan for International Labour and Labour
Internationalism  a.. Franco Barchiesi. Communities between Commons
and Commodities. Subjectivity and Needs in the Definition of New
Social Movements  a.. Mariarosa Dalla Costa.. Seven Good Reasons to
Say "Locality"  a.. Mariarosa Dalla Costa. The Native In Us, The Earth
We Belong To  a.. John Holloway. Is the Zapatista Struggle and
Anti-Capitalist Struggle?

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