[OPE-L:8360] Re: [Subversion of] Electronics and Value

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 08:28:12 EST

Follow link below for an interesting article on how homemade GPS
jammers  can disrupt the GPS (Global Positioning System) that
is so widely used in air and sea navigation (and is being extended
to many other activities as well).

The "Comperworld" article is in response to an online magazine
"Phrack" which asserted that the:

"onslaught of cheap GPS-based navigation (or hidden tracking
devices) has made it necessary for the average citizen to take up
the fine art of electronic warfare."

The story reminds one that 'high-tech'  can sometimes be defeated by
'low-tech' (fictionally this story reminds me a little of the tactics used
by fuzzy bear-like creatures to defeat the 'Empire' and destroy the
'Death Star';  historically, I am reminded of  the Luddites and how the
determination and tactics of the NLF  ultimately led to the defeat of the
largest military power in world history).  Other issues can be raised as
well: e.g. how very complex technologies can often only be efficient
under very stringent conditions which can not (given Murphy's
Law) be guaranteed; and (bringing us back to the origins of this
thread) how value can be destroyed.  Note here, though, that the
destruction of value was not initiated by capitalists or even the state
but by other individuals (and groups?) who do not expect necessarily
to gain value at the expense of others (some computer viruses might be
seen in similar terms).

Solidarity, Jerry

(NB: after you click on URL, you may have to type in .html at the end of the
above to get to the article, JL)

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