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Manufacturing Wars The American Way

Edited by Ellen Ray and William H. Schaap

" A valuable antidote to the view that the United States opposes
chemical and biological warfare." Ed Herman

This timely new book from Ocean Press features selected articles from
CovertAction Quarterly
demonstrating how the United States itself has been the most notorious
of chemical and biological warfare (CBW) and the only user of nuclear
weapons-since the colonial army gave blankets
laced with smallpox to the Native Americans 250 years ago.

This collection of articles documents the history of the development and
use of CBW by the United States (including anthrax, Agent Orange, nerve
gas, dioxin, and depleted uranium) and the horrors and suffering it has
inflicted on the "target populations," as well as on unsuspecting
American civilian guinea pigs and the unwitting GIs ordered to "deliver"

A particular feature of this book is Bill Schaap's essay explaining how
Cuba has been a particular victim of US biochemical warfare, such as
during the 1981 Dengue Fever epidemic.

90 pages, US$9.95 ISBN 1-876175-64-8

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