[OPE-L:8293] Re: Re: Re: philosophy and political economy

From: Paul Cockshott (paul@cockshott.com)
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 17:45:49 EST

> Yes but that is what is to be explained in materialist terms: how
> despite the tendency towards thermodynamic equilibrium does matter
> organize itself?

The point is that the tendancy to equilibrium is long term, very long term
maybe 10^15 years or so. For all of its history the universe has been
in a disequilibrium state.

> I am looking for  materialist explanations which allows us to go from
> the idea already implicit in the mechanical world view that matter
> moves itself to the possibility of self organizing (if not self
> complexifying) matter and wondering whether in making a materialist
> explanation of said transition the doctrine of materialism itself
> undergoes any substantial (dialectical?) modification. What do we
> mean by dialectical materialism (Levins and Lewontin), materialist
> dialectics (Ilynenkov), emergent materialism (Mario Bunge)?

I suggest you read Stuart Kauffmans book The Origins of Order:
Self-Organization and Selection in Evolution, he is very good on  how complex
systems come
into being by autocatalysis

> You have already marked this change by introducing concepts such as
> emergence and levels of organization and the equivalence of energy
> and matter. At the very least, materialism has to be freed from
> reductionism and physicalism.

Why, the essential precept of matterialism ( excuse the pun ) is that
there is nothing but matter. The success of the sciences these last
few centuries has been on the reductionist program.


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