[OPE-L:8280] Re: Re: Milios, et al, "Karl Marx and the Classics"

From: clyder@gn.apc.org
Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 10:25:49 EST

Quoting jmilios@hol.gr:

> Value is determined by abstract labour; however, in my comprehension of Marx,
> abstract labour does not constitute an empirical magnitude, which could be 
> measured by the stopwatch. It is an abstraction, which is constituted (it 
> acquires a tangible existence) in the process of exchange. ITS DIRECT AND

One should not therefore conclude that it only exists in the form
of money. Money is a means by which abstract labour can be represented
to the economic agents of bourgeois society, but abstract
necessary labour is the precondition for this form of representation.

Secondly money is not the only form of appearance of abstract labour
in bourgeois society merely its imputed form when exchanging the
products of labour. Within a unit of property like the firm, it
is possible for abstract labour to appear in the planning process
of the firm, when it is estimating how much labour it will have
to expend on a project. In this way the capitalist firm prefigures
the socialist society which calculates the distribution of abstract
labour between different concrete activities.

Again, during war-time, even the capitalist state is constrained
to have labour time budgets at the national level.
The 'Audit of War' strips off the illusions of commodity fetishism.

> Value can be expressed only by means of money. 

There is nothing to stop me expressing value in shoes, oil, 
coal, or labour - the first are implicit in commodity exchange,
the latter its precondition.

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