[OPE-L:8274] New Book: Anti-Capitalism: A Marxist Contribution

From: Asfilho@aol.com
Date: Sat Jan 04 2003 - 05:37:45 EST

Dear all,

This is to announce the launch of the book below. It is already available for 
sale. This is a collection of outstanding essays, many of them written by 
OPE-L members. 

The main objective of this book is to present the Marxist case against 
capitalism for the new generation of activists and students of our day and 
age. There is a great deal of rejection and revolt against capitalism out 
there, but very little familiarity with the Marxist contribution. We have 
tried to help to plug this gap, and raise the interest of students, friends 
and activists for Marx's own work and for the contribution of Marxists across 
a range of areas.

Please leaf through this book if you can, and see if specific chapters can be 
used in some of your courses, or if you can recommend it to students or 



Anti-Capitalism: A Marxist Introduction. Edited by Alfredo Saad-Filho, 
Department of Development Studies, SOAS, University of London (London: Pluto 
Press, 2003). 

Political protests against neoliberal globalisation, corporate power and the 
inequities of contemporary capitalism are increasing all the time. 
Demonstrations in Seattle, Prague, Genoa and elsewhere have fuelled the 
debate on the possibility of a radically different future. This book is a 
collection of essays from some of the world's leading Marxist economists on 
the problems of globalisation and the evolution of modern capitalism. The 
book provides a cohesive critique of the weaknesses of the existing system 
and puts forward a new agenda for anti-capitalist thought and action. 

Covering key issues such as globalisation, the nation state, money and 
finance, conflict and war, technological change, the environment, class 
struggle, economic crisis, capitalism in the Third World, the collapse of the 
USSR, and the transcendence of capitalism, this is an ideal introduction to 
some of the most pressing problems of our time.

Table of Contents
List of Contributors
Introduction - Alfredo Saad-Filho

Part I: Capital, Exploitation and Conflict
1. Value, Capital and Exploitation - Alfredo Saad-Filho
2. Does All Labour Create Value? - Simon Mohun
3. Money as Money and Money as Capital in a Capitalist Economy - Costas 
4. Capitalist Competition and the Distribution of Profits - Diego Guerrero
5. Contesting Labour Markets - Ben Fine
6. Technological Change as Class Struggle - Les Levidow
7. Capitalism, Nature and the Class Struggle - Paul Burkett

Part II: Global Capitalism
8. The History of Capitalism - Michael Perelman
9. Globalisation and the State: Where is the Power of Capital? - Ellen 
Meiksins Wood
10. Financial and Industrial Capital: a New Class Coalition - Suzanne de 
11. War, Peace and Capitalism: Is Capitalism the Harbinger of Peace or the 
Greatest Threat to World Peace? - Christopher Cramer
12. Understanding Capitalism in the Third World - Elizabeth Dore
13. Developing Country Debt and Globalisation - John Weeks
14. Globalisation and the Subsumption of the Soviet Mode of Production under 
Capital - Simon Clarke

Part III: Crisis and the Supersession of Capitalism
15. Capital Accumulation and Crisis - Paul Zarembka
16. Marxian Crisis Theory and the Postwar US Economy - Fred Moseley
17. Where is Class Struggle? - John Holloway
18. Transcending Capitalism: The Adequacy of Marx's Recipe - Michael Lebowitz
19. Towards a Society of Free and Associated Individuals: Communism - Paresh 

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