[OPE-L:8260] "Marxism, American Style"

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Wed Jan 01 2003 - 12:30:26 EST

Re Alejandro's [8256]:

Whenever Marxists see sources written by conservative (reactionary)
authors, there is a tendency to just dismiss it rather than _critique_
it and thereby determine whether there is a kernel of truth in the
mystified shell. So I guess we should even seriously look at 
publications put out by the vonMises Institute and other right-wing
think tanks.  In the same vein, you and others might be interested
in the article:

"Marxism, American Style"  by  Mark Schmidt


Schmidt is Director of Programs for the National Taxpayers Union
Foundation -- a right-wing lobbying group.  Schmidt examines
the 10 measures in _The Communist Manifesto_  (that workers'
parties were urged  to put into effect  immediately following the
insurrection)  in terms of the contemporary experience in the U.S. 
and concludes (sarcastically) that:  "We are all Marxists now"!  

Despite the fact that Schmidt takes these measures out-of-context 
(and thereby shows little comprehension for _why_ Marx and 
Engels made these proposals: namely,  that they were measures
intended to help consolidate state power after the insurrection 
and thwart a counter-revolution), a case can be made here for
how capitalism and state policy in the U.S. and elsewhere has 
changed in some significant ways since the time of Marx and Engels.  

The first source above is in .html and concentrates on statistics
on Oklahoma.  One gets the feeling that, according to Schmidt,
there is a "People's Republic of Oklahoma" (a thought that could
be developed into a comic Broadway musical perhaps). The pdf 
source (dated May Day, 2001) has national data.  

In solidarity, Jerry

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