[OPE-L:8215] Re: _dynamis_ and _energeia_ of commodity & surplus-value

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 08:25:17 EST

Re Michael E's [8211]:

(see following excerpts from your post)

1. If the finished product  before it has been sold and put to use
whether it be a toothbrush or a ship _is_ potentially a toothbrush 
or a ship,  and;

2. If the tradition of favoring activity over potential is a prejudice and 
that dynamis is a genuine mode of being;

3. Then, doesn't it necessarily follow (in contradiction to the last
excerpt below) that value potentially exists prior to the act of 
commodity exchange and that this is a genuine mode of being
of value?

In solidarity, Jerry


> The finished product, a toothbrush or a ship, before it is put to use
> still _is_ potentially  toothbrush or a ship. But the potential mode of
> being (_dynamei_) is different from the mode of being called _energeia_,
> literally: at-workness.

> The tradition has always favoured the mode of being of at-workness
> (actuality) over potentiality, but this seems to be a prejudice. To see
> that _dynamis_ is a genuine mode of being, just consider that a
> toothbrush has the potential for being used for brushing teeth, but not
> for sailing on the seas, whereas a ship has the potential for sailing on
> the seas but not for brushing teeth. 

>  The commodity's value
> _is_ in the relation of exchange, either potentially or actually -- it
> is not 'inherent' in the commodity like a kind of "crystal". Value is,
> either potentially or actually, the act of abstract association
> (_koinonia_) in commodity exchange, i.e. specific kind of social
> relation.

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