[OPE-L:8194] Re: Chris Arthur: New Dialectic and Marx's Capital

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 13:48:59 EST

Thanks for this. Note first word is 'The'. In Euro it is 44. and Brill
offer a 25% discount for subscribers to Historical Materialism. But I don't
know about postage. It is nicely produced and not too expensive for a
hardback. However  I would really appreciate any assistance from
list-members in advising your Library to get it. It subsumes many of my
existing pieces and the chaps are:

Preface and Acknowledgements
1.  Introduction: The New Turn to Dialectic
2.  Dialectical Development versus Linear Logic
3.  Labour, Value and Negativity
4.  Systematic Dialectic
5.  Marx¹s Capital and Hegel¹s Logic
6.  Negation of the Negation in Marx¹s ³Capital²
7.  The Infinity of Capital
8.  The Spectre of Capital
9.  Hegel¹s Theory of the Value Form
10  A Clock without a Spring: Epitaph for the USSR
11  Whose Reason? and Whose Revolution?
12  Conclusion

The New Dialectic and Marx's Capital
>Christopher J. Arthur
>Our Price: $52.00
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>Format: Hardcover
>ISBN: 9004127984
>Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Incorporated
>Pub. Date: August  2002
>Look forward to reading it, Chris. Congratulations on the book's publication.
>Yours, Rakesh

17 Bristol Road, Brighton, BN2 1AP, England

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