[OPE-L:8181] Re: Marx's Notes on Wagner available on MIA

From: Martha Campbell (campbelm@potsdam.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 17:31:47 EST


Regarding what to say on the 'Notes', I find them of particular interest,
first, because they are one of the few places where Marx discusses
Neo-Classical theory, or a utility theory of value (which is what all the
references to needs, goods & man as a needy being etc, are about). 

Second, Wagner and Rodbertus make a distinction between 'logical' or
'natural' categories and 'historical' or 'legal' categories, and classify
the concerns of economics under the first, and law, property, exchange
under the second. This distinction strikes me as similar to Mill's
distinction between production and distribution (property) which Marx
discusses in the introduction to the Grundrisse.  So these two texts on
method are both concerned with this dichotomy, which for Marx is
significantly wrong.

It was helpful to me to have an some idea of the organization of Wagner's
text, since Marx's comments refer first to the opening chapter of Wagner's
book and then jump to a later chapter on value, which Wagner introduces
with some comments on Capital.

Cheers, Martha

At 10:38 PM 12/13/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I just uploaded a bilingual version of Marx's "Notes on
>Adolph Wagner" to the MIA.  I understand that this is his
>last economic manuscript which has some interesting
>methodological remarks.  The URL is
>The MIA wants me to add a paragraph about the importance of
>this manuscript.  Does anyone have any suggestions what to say?
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