[OPE-L:8123] Data Available (at a price!) for all U.S. States

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 19:58:26 EST

I got this via email today.  Some of you might be interested.
Note the cost!  In practice I guess this means that most
researchers using this data will require grants and funding.

In solidarity, Jerry

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> Subject: Long Form (SF3) Data Now Available for All 50 States from
> From: questions@uscensus.info
> Date: Wed, December 4, 2002 6:41 pm

> One of the most valuable reference tools has just been released -
> CensusCD 2000 Long Form.
> Anyone who needs demographic, housing, economic or population
> Information about the US will want CensusCD 2000 Long Form.  It
> includes such variables as income, housing value, employment,
> education, poverty, ancestry, commute to work, etc.  For a complete list
> of variables go to
> http://www.uscensus.info/census2000/lf_variables.htm .
> The data is available from the Nation down to Tract, Zip code
> and the Block Group level. There are 5,500 variables available
> at the Block Group level, and an additional 11,000 are available
> at the Tract level and above.
> This data set will be the basis for most demographic analysis for the
> next ten years.  GeoLytics has made it easy to query the data so that
> you can run a report for just the data you want to see for only the
> geographies you specify.  This data set is so complete that it is on 4
> CD's. The cost for CensusCD 2000 Long Form is $895 for the nation  or
> $449 for a single state.
> If you are interested in time series analysis we recommend the
> CensusCD Neighborhood Change Data Base.  It has Tract level data from
> 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000.  This product offers the data in the
> census-defined geographies as well as 1970, 1980 and 1990 normalized to
> 2000 boundaries for exact comparisons of demographic changes over  time.
>  Our Long Form version of this product will be out at the end  of 2002.
> The price for this product is $1195 for the Short Form
> version with a $400 upgrade to the Long Form version (it will be
> $1,595 in it's final format).
> All of our census-based products come with built-in mapping
> capabilities. With a few quick keystrokes you can generate full-blown
> maps or tables.  You can export the file data into other programs
> such as statistical (e.g. SAS, SPSS), database (e.g. Access, Oracle),
> spreadsheet (e.g. Excel, 1-2-3), and mapping (e.g. Arc View, MapInfo)
> packages.
> For a fuller product description or list of variables for our products,
> please go to our website at http:
> http://www.uscensus.info/census2000.htm
> If you want to order or have questions about any of these products,
> - Call us at 1-800-577-6717;
> - Send us an email at questions@uscensus.info
> - To order on-line go to http://www.uscensus.info/order.htm
> If you do not wish to receive further emails, please  send an email to
> remove@USCensus.info with 'Remove' in the subject line.
> To be added to the newsletter subscription list send an email to
> info@USCensus.info with 'Add' in the subject line.

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