[OPE-L:8122] Re: Re: Re: philosophy and political economy

From: clyder@gn.apc.org
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 17:13:13 EST

Quoting Rakesh Bhandari <rakeshb@stanford.edu>:

> re 8115
> Hi Andrew,
> I have in mind the age old model of mechanical motion, parodied as 
> billiard ball causality. Here an instance of mechanical motion has to 
> be begun by an imposition from an external agent.
> Now weren't there attempts (Hume? the Enlightenment philosophes? 
> Naturphilosophie?) to introduce the idea of self-moving active 
> matter? 

Why pose things in this archaic way?

The real issue is why the universe is in a low entropy state.

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