[OPE-L:8085] Re philosophy and political economy

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 11:17:06 EST

Andy wrote 8052:
>> Labour
>> time is the only possible material property of commodities that
>> could be systematically related to  'prices'.

A commodity is a persisting physical object. Value as the relational
property such an object has may conceivably be derived from the proportions
in which it exchanges with others. But you would need to do a lot of
conceptual work to explain how time could be a property of a physical
Of course you could argue you are indirectly referring to a causal
condition of its existence but you could only make that a property on a
pretty strong internal relations view of the world.
Finally, it always astonishes me that CPE and KM assume the dimansion of
labour is time. It would be more intuitive to a theory based on the notion
that 'a lot of work has gone into it' to measure labour in energy expended
with some coefficients to cover pleasant/unpleasant work. IMO the  only way
to justify the time measure is through VF theory via the capital form.

Chris A

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