[OPE-L:8041] Re: Books in Socialist and Marxist Economics

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sat Nov 23 2002 - 08:10:44 EST

Re Alejandro's [8035]:

> Jerry, I think  the list is too short and in many cases includes bad or not good books. Diego Guerrero has the idea for producing a list of 100 Marxian books  with commentaries. <

I think there's a problem with any artificial cut-off number.  I.e. how
do you decide which books make the list and which don't?  An
alternative way might be for a small group of people to each devise
their own lists with commentaries but publish them all together
in such a way that the author(s) of the commentaries are indicated.
That way the reader could be informed by _who_ was giving the
commentary and the list, if designed that way,  would be
pluralistic.  Also, more generally, Marxists need to be engaged in 
more collaborative projects and less individual, isolated work, IMO.
Another -- perhaps complementary -- way of structuring such a list
would be to make it available on the Internet in such a way that 
others can comment on and grade (e.g.with a 0-5 star scale) a book 
(similar to the way in which it is done at www.amazon.com and 

The above is not intended to be critical of Diego: I'm sure that he would 
produce an excellent list with commentaries and he seems to have a 
knack for organizing and getting things done.  He'd probably, also,
be more than agreeable to working with other capable volunteers.
Perhaps this is something that we could consider doing with Diego 
as part of the "Online Political Economy" e-journal.

> However the site is excellent. it is very  good guide for unconventional teaching of orthodox economics.  I think will be very useful to take teaching  Marxist topics as seriously as this site does with orthodox  economics. By example, the Handbook for Economics Lecturers should be witen in an heterodox  version. <

Yes, that would be great. But they have a lot more money, time and
troops than we do.  

In solidarity, Jerry


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