[OPE-L:8015] Writings by Althusser, Balibar, Bettelheim and others online

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 06:29:39 EST

At the Web site "From Marx to Mao", created by David J.
Romagnolo,  there are many complete books by:

-- Louis Althusser
    _For Marx_
    _Lenin and Philosophy and other essays_
--  Louis Althusser and Etienne Balibar
     _Reading Capital_    

-- Etienne Balibar
    _On the dictatorship of the proletariat_

--  Charles Bettelheim
    _Economic calculation and the forms of property_
    _Cultural Revolution and industrial organization in China_
    _Class Struggles in the USSR, 1st Period, 1917-23_
    _Class Struggles in the USSR, 2nd Period, 1923-30_

and others at:

In solidarity, Jerry

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