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From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 06:18:08 EST

Re Rakesh's [7999]:

> I attended Robert Brenner's lecture at a Berkeley bookstore last
> night. Fact filled and well organized and extremely thoroughly
> argued, Brenner's lecture held the non academic audience in rapt
> attention  for close to two hours.

I took a seminar with him at the New School in 1981 (?) and
found him to be a good and well organized instructor who
encouraged students to think for themselves.

[btw, here's his CV:
http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/issr/cstch/brennercv.html ]

I was therefore surprised to read the student evaluations at:
Other professors take note!:  soon we all might have
anonymous student evaluations posted on the WWW!!

The talk you attended sounded like it was on the same theme
as his July-August 2002 article on  "The economy after the boom:
a diagnosis": http://www.3bh.org.uk/IV/main/IV342/IV342%2009.htm
The above is itself a condensation of the argument he made
in his 2002 _The Boom and the Bubble: The US in the World
Economy_ (Verso).

Which itself is related to prior articles that he wrote on 'global
turbulence' and uneven development.

A  fairly lengthy summary of his article "The economics of global
turbulence" is at http://eha.darktech.org/eHa/41

A short but highly critical reply to the above is  by Loren Goldner
(self-description: "I may be the last 'debt-deflation' Marxist crisis
theorist"): http://home.earthlink.net/~lrgoldner/brenner.html

A  short review article by Eva Cheng  entitled  "An unfolding debate
about the capitalist crisis" on the debate that Brenner inspired is at:

Here's another -- highly critical -- review by Rob Hoveman:

A 1999 reply from  by Mary Malloy and Charlie Post to Brenner's
_NLR_ 1998 article on uneven development is at:
(If my memory is correct, Mary also attended the same seminar
at the New School by Bob that I referred to above).

Enough for now.

In solidarity, Jerry

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