[OPE-L:8002] From Anne Pomeroy on Process Philosophy

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@stanford.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 17:50:36 EST

Dear Rakesh -
FYI the book: Marx and Whitehead: Process, Dialectics, and the 
Critique of Capitalism should be out sometime in 2003 from SUNY, if 
all goes well.

I think that your comments to John Holloway are quite in line with my 
own thoughts on this subject matter.  I actually do not recommend 
replacing the noun structure with the verbal, but, in a rather more 
dialectical vein, point to the concomitance of the notions -- we are 
what we do.  There is an abstraction and artificiality in the 
noun-verb dichotomy itself.  If the universe is processive, then the 
activity of self-constitution destroys that dualism.  And I certainly 
agree that process best characterizes what Marx was getting at with 
what people call the "historical/dialectical materialism". [John 
Bellamy] Foster is good on this...points to Marx's references to the 
"metabolism with nature".
Interesting that you should refer to Postone - I did a commentary at 
the RPA on his book when it came out.
My next book is going to be on time and class 
consciousness...Postone's treadmill analysis will probably feature 

Thanks for being in touch.  Let me know any further thoughts or if I 
can be of further assistance.
Best Wishes -

Anne Pomeroy


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