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Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 06:50:38 EST

Just to add to references which might have been forgotten. I wrote about 
this question in my Marxian Theory of Crisis, Capital and the State in the 
Conference of Socialist Economists Bulletin (1972), reprinted in Economy 
and Society Vol 2 No 2 May 1973 and  the same position is included in Paul 
Bullock and David Yaffe, Inflation, the Crisis and the Post-War Boom in 
Revolutionary Communist 3/4 (1975) now on the RCG website at 

David Yaffe

At 08:42 10/11/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Available on the WWW, here are a selection of still more
>definitions and differing understandings of the TCC, VCC, and OCC:
>* Listmember ANWAR SHAIKH's entry on the OCC in _The New Palgrave_ ed.
>by J. Eatwell, M. Milgate, P. Newman.  Can be viewed in pdf format at:
>* Listmember SEONGJIN  JEONG defines the terms as
>part of his empirical study at:
>Above must be downloaded -- in Word 6
>* Listmember JOHN MILIOS weighs in on these issues in the following paper
>(needs to be downloaded):
>* JAMES CURRY's article "The Dialectic of Knowledge in Production:
>Value Creation in Late Capitalism and the Rise of Knowledge-Centered
>Production" claims that the TCC has a "knowledge component".  See:
>* HARRY CLEAVER  in footnote 19 of  Ch. 4 of _Reading Capital Politically_
>claims that the OCC, in addition to being a mathematical ratio,  is also "a
>political index, it represents a certain division of labor and the related
>political composition of class power".
>*  A quote from THEODOR ADORNO on the TCC and OCC, that
>John H might be interested in, at:
>* The following, from "AUFHEBEN",  claims that the OCC and TCC
>is redefined in "workerist theory":
>* In the following working paper, from 12/99, EDWARD N. WOLFF gives his
>definitions and formulas. The TCC, he claims, is the "standard
>capital-labor ratio":
>* Even the neo-fascist  nutcase LYNDON LAROUCHE weighs in on the
>topic of the TCC at:
>In solidarity, Jerry

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