[OPE-L:7946] Re: Re: Re: Re: unequal exchange

From: clyder@gn.apc.org
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 06:49:31 EST

> I think that the main issue in Amin and others is that trade may cause
> impoverishment.
> In my view this argument is correct but the argumentation is incorrect. In
> orthodox economics international trade is always  beneficial hence
> (unorthodox)
>  Marxian economics should examine  critically this assertion. One
> example 
> is Shaik's work on international trade. Amin is another important
>  contribution
> on this issue even some of his arguments are wrong.<br>
> In my view &nbsp;unequal exchange must be defined in value terms not in
> prices.

The problem with defining it in value terms is that the value
of a commodity is different in different economies, given
that they have different labour productivities. 

It is these differences in value that provides the specific source
of profit associated with international merchant capital.

> Has Paul a good definition of unequal exchange?<br>

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