[OPE-L:7932] Re: Re: valuation of constant capital

From: Tony Tinker (TonyTinker@msn.com)
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 11:31:22 EST

Down to mere details (back to blue) Jerry:  

Tony Tinker

  Then we are in more agreement than it might seem since I
  also  believe that  a "real"  understanding of phenomenon 
  is  socially constructed.   Within a class society, all 
  understandings are socially constructed.
  When examining the topic in question, Marx looked  at
  how that subject was conceived in the minds of bourgeois
  agents, didn't he?    After all, isn't an examination of
  the praxis of the bourgeoisie a part of the development of 
  critique from a revolutionary perspective?

  Certainly: giving a valid account of bourgeois and other mentalities is a prerequisite to effective praxis.  And yes, much of Marx's 'objectivist' rendering of economic phenomena makes perfect sense within that (political) logic.  My caution is that this context is frequently forgotten by many branches of 'economistic' / 'deterministic' branches of contemporary Marxism.  
  In solidarity, Jerry

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