[OPE-L:7893] Re: Re: Re: Volume 1 about the total surplus-value

From: Fred B. Moseley (fmoseley@mtholyoke.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 03 2002 - 23:11:09 EST

A small correction to my (7891) posted yesterday:

I quoted the following passage from the Grundrisse, according to which the
equalization of profit rates does not affect the total magnitude of

*The total surplus-value ... can neither grow or decrease by this
operation* [the equalization of rates of profit. FM], *ever*; what is
modified thereby is not it, but only its distribution among the different
capitals.  (G. 684; emphasis added)

The page number cited is in error.  It should be p. 760.
I don't know how that happened.

Please note also the following passages in which the same very important
point is made:

	MECW.31: 416  (TSV.II: 190-91)
	MECW.33: 104
	C.III: 99, 482, 971, 1000, 1001

Plus, all the passages in which Marx said that total profit = total
surplus-value makes the same point.  And also all the passages in which
Marx said that profit = surplus-value for the capital of average
composition of capital, since what is true for the average capital is also
true for the total capital.


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