[OPE-L:7892] Kevin Cox's modules on Historical Geographical Materialism

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Nov 03 2002 - 12:47:06 EST

Kevin Cox,  who teaches in the Geography Department at
Ohio State University, offers a "Seminar on historical
geographical materialism".  A course description and 
reading list is at:

What makes this particular site worth checking out are the
"modules" for the course.  The 13 modules taken together
are (text)book length.  See:

The sequence is the following:
Module 1:    Marx's Conception of Capital: An Introductory Overview
Module 2:    Marx's Theory of Value
Module 3:    Surplus Value
Module 4:    The Development of the Productive Forces
Module 5:    The Capital Accumulation Process
Module 6:    Primitive Accumulation
Module 7:    The Development of Capitalism
Module 8:    Ideology
Module 9:    Concepts of Capital: Capital as Exchange Relation vs.
                     Capital as Production Relation
Module 10:   The Marxist Concept of Class
Module 11:   The State
Module 12:   Method in Marx
Module 13:   The Geography of Uneven Development and its Politics

All are online in .html except for the last which can be downloaded.

His homepage,  which among other things has a description of
other classes he teaches on such topics as critical realism and 
introductory marxism, is at:

In solidarity, Jerry

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