[OPE-L:7863] Re: Marx and Engels Study Guides Online

From: Alejandro Valle Baeza (valle@servidor.unam.mx)
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 07:15:05 EST


As usual, Jerry recommendations of sites
are excellent.


Gerald  Levy wrote:
There are 'Study Guides" on many works by Marx and Engels
The works on political economy for which study guides
have been prepared include:
Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
*   Wage-Labor and Capital
*  "Introduction" to the Grundrisse
*  "Preface" to the Contribution to a Critique of Political Economy
*   Value, Price and Profit
*   all three volumes of Capital.
They are designed for group study.  They contain questions
but do not offer answers. 
In solidarity, Jerry

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