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          The Commoner N.5 - Autumn 2002 


                              special issue on 


      Plus reviews:  

      John Holloway  Time to revolt. Reflections on Empire  

      Plus groundzero war:

                                  George Caffentzis. Respect your Enemies. the First Rule of Peace: An Essay Addressed to the U.S. Anti-War Movement


- Peter Bell & Harry Cleaver. Marx's Crisis Theory as a Theory of Class Struggle

- Ana C. Dinerstein. Beyond Insurrection. Argentina and New Internationalism 

- Conrad M. Herold. On Financial Crisis As A Disciplinary Device Of Empire: Emergence and Crisis Of The Crisis

- George Caffentzis. On the Notion of a Crisis of Social Reproduction: A Theoretical Review 

 - Werner Bonefeld. Class and EMU 

- Steve Wright. The Historiography of the Mass Worker 



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